The staff at our vibrant company has over 30 years experience. The handling of hunting trophies and the dipping and shipping to more than 20 destinations worldwide.
  We do not see your trophies as mere commodities but rather as the final preservation of the
 skills and memories of the hunter. 

You the hunter started the journey, let us the professional taxidermist complete the journey
 for you.  

The Guest house with a peaceful atmosphere and personal touch.
 On arrival at Savanna you’ll be welcomed by the peaceful atmosphere of the extended garden. The first impression is usually that you’ve stepped into another dimension, one of relaxation.
  We also offer hunting facilities and a wide variety of different game and birds to hunt.

C: 082 701 0963
T: 057 354 3166
F: 057 354 4005  

  • Common Reedbuck Full mount

  • Cape Grys Buck Full mount

  • Red Duiker Full mount

  • Lioness & Cub full mount

  • Cape Buffalo pedestal mount with pedestal box

  • Fallow Deer full mount

  • Zebra pedestal mount with pedestal box

  • Klipspringer full mount

  • Zebra pedestal mount Mounted on an African shield

  • Cape Buffalo side wall mount

  • Cape Buffalo full mount

  • Oribi male & female full mount

  • Mountain Reedbuck full mount

  • Black & Copper Springbuck full mount

  • Nyala pedestal mount mounted on a Zulu shield