For Taxidermy

We enforce strict management control measures to ensure Joe Regal
Taxidermy Facility is divided into 4 main areas:

When trophies are received, it is immediately skinned if necessary. The skull and horn are put into wooden crates. All skulls and horns are boiled in water and bicarbonate of soda. The skins are also immediately taken and fleshed and soaked in a formic acid pickle. When they are done, the skins are put in a salt pit and left to dry. When the skins are 90% dry they are taken out and covered with karba dust, folded and stored.

All waists of the skull and skins are loaded on a trailer and taken
to a rubbish dump and burned every second day.

Minimum Requirements
There is a one way flow of trophies, we have an example:
-    Delivered
-    Cleaning
-    Tanning
-    Molding
-    Mounting
-    Collecting

At no time does any product reverse in our system. All workers are colour coated and have the necessary safety clothes example: Overalls, gloves, shoes, and glasses.

All waists is burned and liquid all neutralized with soda ash before drained